Monday, 10 September 2007

Scrap Swap, Pay It Forward and au revoir

I have been excited to be a part of Belinda and Kate's - scrap swap. My partner was Soo. I have loved reading her little space and she was such a sport to cooperate with my time pressures for our trip. It was lots of fun packaging up my bundles of scraps but so much more fun receiving hers. Soo was generous enough to send me a big bundle of gorgeous fabrics in delicious colours as well as a Japanese craft magazine. I cannot belive I have been blogging for this long and not purchased one of these. Now that I have one in real life, I am completely hooked - thanks Soo.

The scraps included lots of designs that I have admired but not actually bought myself. My mind was racing with ideas to sew. Any my girls loved oohing and aahing just as much as I did. You have been a great swap partner Soo.

Another little bit of news to tell you about is the two Pay It Forwards that I have been fortunate enough to be a part of. I really love this idea. The first one that I was included in was one from Kristy from Vintage Pleasures. I really love her blog and the way that she writes. The second one is from Bron. Check out the quilts she has made. I especially love the one she made for the doll quilt swap. So, I am going to make this post, my last before we travel, a double PIF. I will send a little something to the first three bloggers who leave a comment and to the last three before I return.

We are off now on a very special trip to make many happy memories for our little family. I will return with lots of tales of our time in England and France.
Until then, au revoir!

Sunday, 2 September 2007


I can say the bags are made, but they aren't yet packed. It had taken every bit of self-control for me not to pack them though. Packing is one of my favourite parts of going away. For weeks before any trip I am writing lists, sewing and organising. I have always been like this. I remember going on school camp when I was eight and having my suitcase packed THREE WHOLE WEEKS before we were due to leave. I even packed my knickers...oh the frustration when I realised that I had to wear those clothes in the meantime.

So, instead of packing the bags, I have been making them. I wanted a small and highly functional messenger style bag. A few designers are making these at the moment but I haven't been able to find one small enough to hold just the necessities. I was surprised how easy the vinyl was to sew with. A friend and I whipped up one each in no time.

I have also made some co-ordinating accessory bags to match. A nappy pouch to hold a some wipes, nappies and a change mat. Simple and small enough to pop in my messenger bag or under a stroller. I also made a pouch to carry our passports at the airport. This one can be worn around your neck or across your body. It is soft enough to put under clothing and even has a back pocket for boarding passes. The passports slip in and out very easily. Apparently these days you have to show them many times at the airport.

Then I made some bags for Edward. We have been talking and singing about farm animals at Gymbaroo this term. He loves them all. I have been collecting the beautiful Schleich animals as a little treat for him. I made this draw sting bag to keep them safe.

The last bag I have made is a backbpack for Edward that doubles as a set of reins. I know that reins are a little politically incorrect, but so is losing a toddler at an international airport. After being stuck on a plane for 20 hours, it would be unfair to ask him to sit still any longer. The bag has a little D-ring at the bottom to attach a strap to. He loves airplanes (that enthusiasm might change in the next few weeks) and he loves this Moda fabric.

I am very excited about our trip, lots of planning, lots of organizing has taken place. Hopefully it will be a smooth smooth as international travel with three kids can be.