Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Beautiful Belle

One of my closest friends has two gorgeous kids. They are both older than mine (12 and 14 years) but have always been the most lovely friends to my children. I treasure our friendship with their whole family.

This week was Isabelle's grade six valedictory. After much searching for a dress that was just right for a twelve year old, and without any luck, Heather asked me if I could make it. Given that the design was so simple, I agreed. Heather chose the fabric, a beautiful beaded silk voile from the Cloth Shop in Ivanhoe (if you live in Melbourne and have never been to this shop, you MUST go). It was just perfect.

Beautiful Belle - wearing the dress I made
With much trepidation of my sewing and pattern alteration skills, and the help from another dear friend (Charlotte's mum), I began. I was very nervous throughout the dressmaking for three reasons: It was such beautiful fabric, I was sewing for someone else and my gorgeous girlfriend is a little, ahem, particular, shall we say!
Beautiful Belle - wearing the dress I made
But in the end it all turned out and Isabelle look like a Grecian beauty. I made a flower to match which was beaded with orange beads, subtle but pretty.
A flower to match
Doesn't she look beautiful.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Food at Our House

Things have been pretty good at our dinner table, of late: Here is a little taste of what we have been eating:

We skipped school on Friday and went berry picking. It's becoming a bit of a summer ritual in our home and we usually do it on my birthday, but as I was a little pre-occupied this year, we went a week later. We came home exhausted with full bellies, and heads ready for the pillow.Berry Picking

Whenever I have an abundance of berries I cook this dessert, an impressive favourite from an old delicious. Three layers of meringues (in graduating sizes), piled up with berries and a mix of whipped cream, greek yoghurt and rosewater. So good!
And with all of those egg yolks leftover from the meringues, what to make, but mayonnaise. I put this in the same category as homemade chicken stock; so simple (at least with a Kitchenaid it is), ten times better when homemade and just why has it taken me so long to make my own? Last night it was mixed into boiled dutch creams and puy lentils and served with roast chicken . Oh man!
Also, our own. We have loads of beautiful cabbages ready for picking. Steve planted our winter vege garden this year and went a little overboard on the cabbages. By spring they had grown some lovely leaves, but no heart. Doubting that they were going to heart at all, I pulled out quite a few to make way for our spring/summer plantings. Boy, am I glad I didn't pull them all out! So with our own cabbages, and our own mayonnaise, tonight's salad, which was coleslaw meets Waldorf, was out of this world.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

The Icing on My Cake


I have been blessed with some beautiful girlfriends in my life. Girlfriends who I can share almost anything with, who help out in time of need and add so much depth to my life. They bring me many happy moments and add a bit of sparkle to my days. They are the icing on my cake.

My cake, of course being my husband (he actually said he is the cake tin, holding me together), my children and my faith, but those girls are the sweetness on top. Their laughs and love mean so much to me. This year I decided that on my birthday I would give back to them. Hence, my little morning tea.

I have never really done anything like this before, a party to say thank you to all of them. But it has been so enjoyable and I do recommend it. I have made lots of special treats, filled the house with flowers and written a card for each of them. I also have a little present for each of them to take home.

It is going to be a fun day.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Turning a Blind Eye

After re-reading a post like the one I wrote yesterday, with those photos of my house looking so lovely, I could find even myself believing it is all so perfect...until I look around the corner into to our playroom/study.

So how can I have some areas of the house so lovely (most of the time) and leave some to look like a bomb (most of the time). I guess it is my blind eye. There are some parts of my house that for my own peace of mind I have to keep tidy and clutter free (the entrance hall and the TV cabinet, for example). It is a direct correlation to those areas and my brain...and I like a clutter free brain.

Some parts of the house, my laundry and playroom, I can just ignore. Which is kind of good for my sanity becuase in a house of three kids you cannot have it all tidy, all of the time. So as long as a I have a little bit of lovliness to cast my eyes on (and photograph for my blog!) I can manage to keep pretending that the rest is all so perfect. I guess that is the balance that makes most of us tick.

So,for a dose of totally untouched reality. Just to make you smile.