Saturday, 29 March 2008


Remember this tablecloth.

Well it is now this! I finally got around to making the apron that I bought the tablecloth for. I have added some Japanese fabric for the band and I really love the fabrics work together. My sister-in-law said the apron was so pretty she would wear it as a dress. She might be able to get away with it, but I'll just stick to the kitchen with this one.

I have been wanting to make a flattering, pretty apron for such a long time and I am so happy with how it turned out.

We are all enjoying our school holidays with my parents visiting. So you might not hear from us for a week or so. Cheers.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

A Little Bit Sad.

There has been another birthday in our house. It did make me feel a little sad.

This little person.....

Has turned two.

And I really don't want him to grow up. Well, of course I do want him to get bigger because it is so fun listening to all the things he says and I am just itching to see what becomes of his life and who he will be. But I really would like him to stay my baby forever. I would love to pickle him right now. Or at least save a day, in our sweet little life, to come back to every now and then.

He is such a gorgeous, energetic, endearing child. He has completely changed the way I felt about boys. He completely melts my heart in a very unique way.

I am looking forward to the next year baby. I will just remind you to grow-up slowly.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008


Wonderful Worldwibe Web.

What would I do without the internet? I must confess it has become a big part of my life.

Without the internet my business wouldn't exist. From it I get my inspiration, order supplies and now I have my website. And hey, I wouldn't have you lot.

Last week I went to the Stitches and Craft show. I came back buzzing. It was amazing to finally meet so many of the people behind the blogs I read. It made it all feel so much more real. I think everyone who went enjoyed it all just as much. I didn't take my camera but you can check out everyone else's photos. The only photo I have to show is one of dearfii's little key pouches, a truly ingenious idea. So useful. Thanks Fiona.

When I got home I saw this interview on Martha Stewart about Etsy's number one seller whose business is now worth six figures! I was feeling very blown away by what a tool the internet is and how it has enabled so many of us to have our at-home businesses.

Speaking of all this, the winners from my blogaversary post are; Christie from Pigeon Pair, Lisa and Sarah from A Spoon Full of Sugar and Grace from Uncommon Grace. Send me you addresses and I will post your goodies off next week.

Friday, 14 March 2008


I am loving all of the silhouettes that are around at the moment, even though they are popping up almost everywhere.

I did these silhouettes of the children last year but gave the first set away to my mum, who loved them.

I finally got around to doing another set for our hallway. It took me a while to work out what frame but I think this big black style looks best. They are hanging My Wall at the moment and I will move them at a later stage. It is amazing how much they really look like each of the children, probably not so much to you, but to me they are so individual and realistic. They make me smile everytime I walk past them.

I also loved the silhouettes on this little top that I bought for Kitty. So sweet and innocent.

I went to Stitches and Craft today and met good a stack of bloggers. More about that next time.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

A Little Bit of Special

Been out all morning.
Get home.
Open the door.
Put a sleepy baby in bed for his afternoon nap.
Put the kettle on.
Unpack the car, check the mail.
Mail for me, a handwritten envelope. Mmmm mmm
Stamped applehead. Oh lovely.
Inside, make a pot of tea, sit down and....
enjoy a little bit of special.

It was so lovely to receive Marianne's limited edition little book. Such style she has. I love her collages and now the drawings in this book are just as sweet. The size of it added to the sweetness and made it even more special.

Thanks Marianne, you have made my day.

Also, a very big thank you to all the lovely people who have left comments on my last post. You have been making my day all week long. And I really must say, I was amazed. If a few folders is what it takes to draw out that many lurkers, I will have to do a few more give-aways. It is lovely to 'meet' some more of the people who read my blog. A couple more days and I will announce the winners.

Off to Stitches and Craft tommorrow.
Hoping to meet up with some friends.
Better go clean the house if that's the plan.
Enjoy your day.

Monday, 3 March 2008


Today marks one year since I wrote my first post. All I can say is what an amazing journey it has been. A journey that has totally exceeded my expectations.

If I had to choose the three bits of wonderfulness that blogging means to me they would be:

One - looking for the beauty in my life. In all of our lives we have bits of specialness. Little parts of our life that are precious to us. In the day to day of life some of these things can be forgotten. Through the eye of my camera and the discipline of writing I have enjoyed finding and presenting the beautiful parts of my life.

Two - the friendships. I started this blog already knowing some of you and since having met more of you. To anyone reading this blog who doesn't have one you will probably never understand what an amazing strength there is in this community. We all appreciate each others 'bits of specialness', the same things make us all tick and we just 'get each other' in a way that so many people don't. Sharing this adds a special dimension to my life.

Three - a place to share. These friendships bring me to my third favourite part, an audience who appreciates. This is why my blog was created, an outlet to show the things I make. My need to create is so ingrained into my daily life. Having somewhere to channel it and a place to share my creations is so wonderful. In the process, this blog has become a creation in itself. I love the way it has stretched me.

So enough sentimentality, if I haven't lost you by this point I have a little something to share. To anyone who ever reads my blog, whether you have commented before or not, whether you have a blog or not, leave me a comment this one time and you could be one of the lucky three. Next week I will draw three names out of a hat (or something of the sort). I am sending a pack of these gorgeous folders and some other goodies.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Organised - the charger cupboard

Rivetting title, I know!

Not many blog-worthy things going on in our nest at the moment but I thought I would pass on a quick little organising tip that I share with most of my clients when they are planning new houses/renovations.

It is called The Charger Cupboard. It means no more ugly chargers left on kitchen benches, no more wondering where the charger for the camera is. It is all here and out of site. Our's is on a shelf in the broom cupboard, above the brooms and vacuums. We chose this spot as I can charge my cordless vacuum whilst it is away. In here we keep all the chargers for our phones, cameras, drill etc, a bucket with all our adaptors, extension cords and timers and our wirelesss modem. All neat(well sort of), labelled and out of site, just the way I like anything that doesn't have aesthetic value.

Just make sure that if you are planning on one of these that there are enough power points, don't overload them or you will really have trouble!

And just becuase I do love all things to be beautiful, here is a pretty picture. The latest decoration of My Wall. I picked up most of these doillies at an opshop a few weeks ago. I have many plans for them, just wait and see. But until then they are randomly arranged on my dresser. The ad-hoc arrangement of these circles complements the ad-hoc arrangement of circles above (you know the ones every blogger is doing)