Sunday, 2 March 2008

Organised - the charger cupboard

Rivetting title, I know!

Not many blog-worthy things going on in our nest at the moment but I thought I would pass on a quick little organising tip that I share with most of my clients when they are planning new houses/renovations.

It is called The Charger Cupboard. It means no more ugly chargers left on kitchen benches, no more wondering where the charger for the camera is. It is all here and out of site. Our's is on a shelf in the broom cupboard, above the brooms and vacuums. We chose this spot as I can charge my cordless vacuum whilst it is away. In here we keep all the chargers for our phones, cameras, drill etc, a bucket with all our adaptors, extension cords and timers and our wirelesss modem. All neat(well sort of), labelled and out of site, just the way I like anything that doesn't have aesthetic value.

Just make sure that if you are planning on one of these that there are enough power points, don't overload them or you will really have trouble!

And just becuase I do love all things to be beautiful, here is a pretty picture. The latest decoration of My Wall. I picked up most of these doillies at an opshop a few weeks ago. I have many plans for them, just wait and see. But until then they are randomly arranged on my dresser. The ad-hoc arrangement of these circles complements the ad-hoc arrangement of circles above (you know the ones every blogger is doing)


Annie said...

A charger cupboard - what a great idea. Thanks for sharing that tip.

Kristy said...

I need a charger cupboard!! No ore tripping over wires in the hall.Umm now when can I put it???
Love the doilies.I have a vintage suitcase just full of them.They seem to follow me home every time I visit the charity shop!

Violet & Rose said...

And just in the nick of time for us! One charger cupboard going into the laundry powerpoint plan - check!

dizzyjadey said...

What a great idea! Guess what's going into the kitchen reno this charger cupboard. :-)