Wednesday, 29 August 2007


I have been in discussion with Kidspot this week about some advertising. Whilst their offer sounded interesting, I decided that I would leave any promotion until after the New Year. We leave in less than two weeks, for two months. After that, I will be very busy keeping up stock to my regular retailers and website customers in the pre-Christmas rush.

I have someone wonderful managing my website during that time, but I certailnly do not want to overload her.

Regardless of not going ahead at this stage, they did decide to feature me in their daily newletter with this picture (one of my favourites) and a great write up. It goes up to 13,000 readers!

Besides all the wonderful comments from my friends and customers on blogland this is the first form of editorial I have had. It feels exciting.

Now for that awkward time of sitting tight to see what happens; will I get just an order or two or will I be making bows till 3:00am for the next week?

Sunday, 26 August 2007


Without the string. Nothing like a brown paper package from the mailman.

I have new packaging for all my orders.

I wanted something simple but delicious. Something to create a little excitement as the recipient opens it.

A bit of tissue, of course.

Another order for this special little girl. A custom one, my favourite type. Made to match her birthday dress.

And a little something extra from Ella and Kate. Happy Birthday Lottie.

Sunday, 19 August 2007


The trivia night was a great success, our best yet, and the quilts were auctioned for prices that exceeded my expectations.

Today is the most gorgeous-almost-spring day. As I write this post our large bi-fold doors are spread open. I can hear the birds from the surrounding trees and sounds of children playing from the two schools nearby. I wish you could smell how sweet the air is.

Moments like these make me feel very privileged to live the life I have been given. Three healthy, happy children a great man and a simple, easy life. Today is one of those days for catching up from a wonderfully busy weekend, and just sitting still. I am getting better at sitting still. The inspiration I find from fellow bloggers, as well as the wisdom from loved ones around me, helps this process.

Around our house we have three beautiful deciduous trees. I really do love these trees. The first is a liquid amber in our front yard. The other two, a dessert ash and golden ash, frame our north-facing back deck. Although planted decades ago, they couldn't have been planted in any more perfect position for our current house. In summer they provide lovely shade and in winter their nakedness allows the sunshine to flood in. In past the deck, to our family room.

The buds are just starting to form. I do love Melbourne for it's seasons. I could never live anywhere again that didn't experience all four seasons. I believe that they add such a rhythm to life and a beautiful way to mark time.

Here is my view as I work away.

Friday, 17 August 2007


The quilts are all finished and have been hanging in our kinder for a week. It has been nice to hear all the oohing and aaahing over them by parents at the kinder.

The trivia night is tomorrow and "A splash of red" is the theme. I am in charge of the decorations for our table. We are looking forward to it and it is sure to be a wonderful night.

The two four year old quilts were both the same design. The children drew pictures of their families and then we assembled them in a brick style. I love the colours of these ones. I love the childrens drawings.

Whilst I was taking these photos this afternoon, look what my gorgeous girls gave me. Such beuatiful colours, I love green and white arrangements. When they put together such beautiful works, I really wonder what they will be when they grow up. Ella particularly amazes me with her eye for design. As a mother it is very exciting to see.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, 9 August 2007


Thank you for all of the lovely comments about my new website, and for the orders. They are all off and on their way. I especially enjoyed making an order for Ingrid. It was a custom order made to match this gorgeous little skirt for her Lottie. The custom orders are always the most fun, for sure.

I have a special little promotion which I tried to include on another post but it didn't quite seem to work. Fingers crossed this time. It is a little something extra when you order four or more pairs of ribbons.

I am still having a few problems with the paypal buttons on the site, thanks for your patience. Feel free to email me if it causes any concern.


Another quilt is finished and currently on display at our kinder. It is number two of four. This quilt is from the other three year old group.

My inspiration for this quilt was all of those gorgeous blocks I saw on Melly and Me's website. Their scrappy challenge made the log cabin design look so beautiful. We didn't use scraps, but we did use lots of bright colours.

Though the bright colours aren't my cup of tea I know that there are plenty of families at our kinder who love that style for their children. And now that it is put together, I think even I could live with this one.

The other two quilts are in more homewares colours; blues, browns, coffee and a touch of red. The four year olds have drawn pictures of their families. I will pop them up for you to see as soon as I take some pics... it is a busy time in our house at the moment...but it is all good.

Sunday, 5 August 2007


Very Exciting News.

Yes, it is finally ready. After months in the making, my website is here.

So if you, or someone you know, would like some gorgeous accessories for little people, now you know where to go.

My brother did most of the design and he did a fantastic job. He has made it all so user friendly for me to change and update. He is such a great guy.

I guess my other baby is growing bigger every day. Another major milestone. It is almost as exciting as watching my real babies grow.

And that is just it. I am so grateful that I can have this business, on the side, at home. So that I do have the time to watch my babies grow. From the moment my eldest went to school it became so obvious how quickly the time goes. School seemed a lifetime away when I held that newborn in my arms. In reality, it went like a flash. I am very thankful that now I have three precious little ones to make me stop and enjoy it all.

I have an opening promotion on until the 26 August.

Feel free to spread this Very Exciting News.