Thursday, 9 August 2007


Another quilt is finished and currently on display at our kinder. It is number two of four. This quilt is from the other three year old group.

My inspiration for this quilt was all of those gorgeous blocks I saw on Melly and Me's website. Their scrappy challenge made the log cabin design look so beautiful. We didn't use scraps, but we did use lots of bright colours.

Though the bright colours aren't my cup of tea I know that there are plenty of families at our kinder who love that style for their children. And now that it is put together, I think even I could live with this one.

The other two quilts are in more homewares colours; blues, browns, coffee and a touch of red. The four year olds have drawn pictures of their families. I will pop them up for you to see as soon as I take some pics... it is a busy time in our house at the moment...but it is all good.

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Jenny said...

What a lovely idea!I bet the families are very impressed.It looks fabulous.