Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Well, the sewing has stopped. Except for a baby quilt, for a friend whose generosity and helpfullness has amazed me, I have just about come to a standstill.

I thought two chilrden off to school was meant to be easier! Physically it is...emotionally, is a different story. I feel a wreck.

Anyways we will go on and we did have a wonderful weekend, just our little family. It started with the idea of a drive off to the Yarra Valley and a visit to one of our favourite cafes that another blogger has talked about. On the way, we stopped to look at some planes (remember how much this little one loves planes). He was beside himself and so we decided to treat the children to a joy flight.

What a treat. Followed by a great lunch and wine.

Then a walk up the Warburton Trail.

Fun times.

Loving my new camera.

Sunday was spent working very hard around the home and yard. All the odd jobs that make you feel so good when you have finished them.

Ready for another week!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

A Dress for a Little Girl

I'm still sewing madly, the machine hasn't had this big a work out in quite a while. All of my projects are still WIP but I should have more to show you on the weekend.

In the meantime, here is a sweet little dress that my girlfriend made. I ordered it for the daughter of my favourite-bag-girlfriend. Remember the one?

The dresses are all individuals and beautifuly made. They are available at Miko, so so sweet.

And of course, some ribbons to match.

I also had a wonderful day at the op shop the other day. I often marvel at the finds that Ingrid manages. It's not often I find such beauties, but the other day I was in luck.

An old basket (perfect for sewing supplies), a couple of notebook magazines, a table cloth, two lovely pieces of crystal and a much needed Wusthof carving fork. All for $10

I have plans to line the basket and the tablecloth will soon be an apron. Stay tuned!

Monday, 11 February 2008

The Written Word

I have a bad habit, that my mother will let me say I inherited from her. That habbit is that I can write a letter, but I cannot post it. Many a letter have I written, only to have it lay around the house, waiting for an envelope, an address, a stamp and or finally to be placed in the post box. Tragic I know!

I do intend to change the error of my ways. To do this I have filed this simple box with my address book, some stamps and a lovely growing collection of cards and stationary.

Included in the box are some beautiful small people that Marianne kindly sent me (the others live on my inspiration board). They are just waiting for a sweet note and to be posted.

I wrote one such sweet note this week. A thank you to my brother and sister-in-law for taking us out to dinner. This card was so appropriate for my brother because he too hates peas.

(We had a big fancy party a couple of years back at our home and I had to serve pea soup with vodka shots...just for him!)

The letter is now stamped, sealed and addressed, just waiting to be placed in the red box.

On your way letter, on your way.

Sunday, 10 February 2008


Finally some time to sew. Guilt ridden (but enjoyable) obligations first...

A library bag for the new school girl, made after her first day, but before her first library day - phew. We picked the fabrics together.

I am loving this colour combo at the moment.

Second, a quilt for my not-so-baby boy. The cowboy quilt is taking so long to handquilt. He loves the airplanes.

This one took an afternoon and one evening. All machine stitched, even the binding. I liked the method I used this time...quite neat for a machine binding.

Finally he has his own quilt to sleep under.

And, whilst sharing some crafting, here is a little outfit I made for a new baby at the end of last year. The bird design was from Anna over here. Very simple, very cute and of course all packaged up with some bows.

Let the crafting continue....