Wednesday, 20 February 2008

A Dress for a Little Girl

I'm still sewing madly, the machine hasn't had this big a work out in quite a while. All of my projects are still WIP but I should have more to show you on the weekend.

In the meantime, here is a sweet little dress that my girlfriend made. I ordered it for the daughter of my favourite-bag-girlfriend. Remember the one?

The dresses are all individuals and beautifuly made. They are available at Miko, so so sweet.

And of course, some ribbons to match.

I also had a wonderful day at the op shop the other day. I often marvel at the finds that Ingrid manages. It's not often I find such beauties, but the other day I was in luck.

An old basket (perfect for sewing supplies), a couple of notebook magazines, a table cloth, two lovely pieces of crystal and a much needed Wusthof carving fork. All for $10

I have plans to line the basket and the tablecloth will soon be an apron. Stay tuned!


Corrie said...

ohhh lucky you! in my neck of the woods the thrift shops are disappointing and I miss my huuuuge vinnies up in brookvale which is chock a block full of bargains!

I think I need to venture out in melbourne and find out where the good ones are because you've done well!


Jodie said...

Love that dress especially the ric-rac trim and such good oppie finds too.

Annie said...

Lovely little dress - I'm way into baskets, so obviously loved that too.

Louise said...

Oooh that dress is absolutely divine!! Well done at the oppy. I would love that basket - just fab!!

Jelly Wares said...

Gorgeous Dress!!! What great op-shop finds and all for $10 what a bargin!!!


ingrid said...

Oh My ! Those finds definitely are beauties! I adore that basket. And the cake stand looks very special too!

Violet & Rose said...

1. Dress envy!
2. Basket envy!

Brierley & Clover said...

Love the basket - crying out for a bit of Cath I think...