Monday, 27 October 2008

Where else...but Queensland

Where else..
to slip away for a bit of family R&R
to wake up to the sound of the surf and warm skin
to explore the rockpools and the creatures there-in
to take a deep breath and enjoy the sunshine

ah yes, we have had a little break in that lovely state and come back feeling wonderfully refreshed.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

How Does Your Garden Grow

Kate's party this year was a gardening party. It was a beautiful spring day, the best all year and we all had a ball.

Each child had a pot with potting mix and a set of gloves. We potted a mixture of flowers, vegetable and herbs in the pot. The balloons were arranged to look like flowers on a stem and each child put a 'flower' in their pot when we were finished.

Kate asked to invite her prep teacher who was so obliging as to actually come. I think that only a prep teacher would be invited to a child's birthday party...and only a prep teacher would have the dedication to turn up. Thanks Miss Kelly!

Note: I received a few questions about the invitations. The font I used was a free downloadable front from dafont. The cards were some sweet scalloped cards from our local $2 shop, such a great find. The flowers were cut out using my girlfriend's Cuttlebug machine - boy is that thing addictive! The boys stamps were also hers which she bought from Stampin' Up.