Tuesday, 28 April 2009


I have declared today a sewing day. It seems of late I just can't find any spare time to fit my sewing in, which is frustrating me no end. So today everything will have to wait, becuase I gotta sew.


This is my idea of bliss. You can see the sewing in the machine, but look a little further. Do you see that cup of tea on the right, and look through the gap in the machine, leftover cake. Yeah, this is my idea of bliss.

And did you know that I am clever enough to guide my sewing through the machine with one hand whilst drinking tea with the other.

Now that is my type of multi tasking!

Cheeky Monkey

We have a few of those in this house but this little one belongs to the youngest of them, most definately the cheekiest of my monkeys!


The result of a lovely day sewing. The FREE pattern is from Larissa on her blog mmmcrafts, a gorgeous blog I was very happy to find. The first time I saw her blog I knew I had to make the monkey (better known as Molly, if making a girl version).

Edward loves Cheeky Monkey, as you can see.


Believe it or not, it is the first 'softie' I have made. That's right, how could I have existed in the world of crafty blogs for two years now and not made a softie? I am itching now to make Kitty Cat, for my own Kitty.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Big Girl Camping

Today my biggest baby went on school camp. I know to all you seasoned mothers out there that this probably isn't a big deal. But first time round IT IS! A lot bigger deal than I imagined.

I have a saying that "I don't do clingy kids, it isn't my style". And it isn't, so they are well used to sleepovers with grandparents, cousins and friends. And I am fine with that. But school friends and teachers, in an unknown place, in the frezing cold (why did winter have to arive in Melbourne this week?). Right now, I'm thinking I am not fine with that.

IMG_0421a (600 x 400)

I know she will return in two days time, safe and sound and even better than before.

And I will just keep telling myself that.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Sometimes I think I am so clever

Sometimes I can think I am so clever. Remembering all sorts of little tips from Martha Stewart and the like.

Remembering that steamers make a great transporter of flans and pies for a picnic.

Remembering how my mum taught me to iron linens by wetting the whole cloth and then wrapping it up for an hour or so before ironing.

(beautiful tablecloth courtesy of my mum from her travels in Portugal)
Remembering that popping your baking trays in a low oven after washing them, dries them thorougly.

And then I just get too clever and try to dry out my favourite cake tin....and all of a sudden, feel like such a pill.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

School Holidays, Mail Swaps and Free Postage

Today we are

:: Lazing about enjoying the first day of school holidays.

:: Creating lovely packages to send to our Mail Swap friends.


:: Filling the orders from my shop that are coming in from the little promotion (free postage on orders over $30, until 10th April).


:: About to walk to the post office to send our packages off.

Ahh, holidays!