Thursday, 16 April 2009

Sometimes I think I am so clever

Sometimes I can think I am so clever. Remembering all sorts of little tips from Martha Stewart and the like.

Remembering that steamers make a great transporter of flans and pies for a picnic.

Remembering how my mum taught me to iron linens by wetting the whole cloth and then wrapping it up for an hour or so before ironing.

(beautiful tablecloth courtesy of my mum from her travels in Portugal)
Remembering that popping your baking trays in a low oven after washing them, dries them thorougly.

And then I just get too clever and try to dry out my favourite cake tin....and all of a sudden, feel like such a pill.


Bronwyn said...

oh no - what happened Tamara? Is the outside print wrecked? did it crack and peel?

Bronwyn said...

another tip for ironing linens is to pop the wet/damp cloth in the freezer for a while, then iron - works a treat!

Alan said...

Also remember to not use the Martha Stewart tip that landed her in jail.

Corrie said...

oh my goodness! steamer to carry things...what a genius idea! and I have an unused steamer in the corner of my cupboard...brilliant!

not too many linens here! I wish I had some more and think I need to start buying some but with babies and toddlers I'm such a placemat kid of mum always bought out and ironed the good table linen for dinner parties!


Karen said...

Oh my - that ironing tip is the best!
A few days after reading this post I finished making two doona covers for which I (foolishly) used cotton drill.
I'd ironed pieces as I sewed them and was really disappointed with the results - then I used your tip and voila! Perfect, and now on their beds.
Thanks, to you and your mum.

Tania said...

Goodness. I think you're extremely clever - I didn't know ANY of those. Am off to go and quizz my own Mum to see what wisdom she might have to offer...

(and lovely to have you over for a visit!)

Anonymous said...

Now it is 'antiqued'...your cake tin.