Tuesday, 27 October 2009


New in the Ella and Kate range this season are some gorgeous flowers. Our Peonies are about 10cm across, a perfect size for little girls (and for mamas).

The girls and I have all been wearing them tucked in a side ponytail, beside a chignon or as a brooch on summer dresses and cardigans. They are a lovely accessory now that my girls are not wearing the other bows as much.


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Spring/Summer with Ella and Kate

IMG_7623a www.ellaandkate.com.au

Well, I pulled my finger out and finally got my website updated. My brother, Alan, did such a great job of building the site two years ago and he made the whole process so easy to manage (well, as easy as a website can be).

Sometimes I wish I could use a professional photographer and have more design features put into the site but overall, I am pretty proud that it is all such a homegrown effort. And I do enjoy the photo shoots with my girls.

Steve, my tech support (and life support) has been working on a few changes to the site and I can now offer a discount at the Checkout.

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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Into The Swing

....or trying.

Our family took a lovely little break up north recently and since returning I am struggling to get into the swing of it all.

There were lots of lovely parts to the holiday namely the beach, food (we all love cooking and so even on holidays there were lots of culinary creations, especially salads) and family, all my family. My parents were home from England and my siblings were all there, including my new little nephew so we all got out dose of baby cuddles.

Now, it is back to reality; housework, the daily grind, working hard my Ella and Kate spring/summer range (it's a little late, ahem), and the garden does beckon. I am trying to find routine again.

Do I keep searching or maybe I'll just pour gin and tonic and pretend I am back on holidays.