Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Spring/Summer with Ella and Kate

IMG_7623a www.ellaandkate.com.au

Well, I pulled my finger out and finally got my website updated. My brother, Alan, did such a great job of building the site two years ago and he made the whole process so easy to manage (well, as easy as a website can be).

Sometimes I wish I could use a professional photographer and have more design features put into the site but overall, I am pretty proud that it is all such a homegrown effort. And I do enjoy the photo shoots with my girls.

Steve, my tech support (and life support) has been working on a few changes to the site and I can now offer a discount at the Checkout.

So, until the end of November all orders from my blog are 20% off. Just type "Bluebird" into the discount code at the Checkout. And or course, feel free to spread the word.


Corrie said...

I'm a huge fan of doing it myself....only because I don't have the budget for otherwise! I think it all looks fabulous and you have such gorgeous models ( who are looking so much older I must add)!

love love love the flowers and need one of them myself! Will work out what I want and get my order in soon! It all looks lovely, as usual!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

The shots of your girls look great, no need for a professional, I think it much nicer that it is personal and real,

Sarah x