Saturday, 17 October 2009

Into The Swing

....or trying.

Our family took a lovely little break up north recently and since returning I am struggling to get into the swing of it all.

There were lots of lovely parts to the holiday namely the beach, food (we all love cooking and so even on holidays there were lots of culinary creations, especially salads) and family, all my family. My parents were home from England and my siblings were all there, including my new little nephew so we all got out dose of baby cuddles.

Now, it is back to reality; housework, the daily grind, working hard my Ella and Kate spring/summer range (it's a little late, ahem), and the garden does beckon. I am trying to find routine again.

Do I keep searching or maybe I'll just pour gin and tonic and pretend I am back on holidays.


wishes, true and kind said...

Go for it -- a little denial never hurt anyone :)


Geramium Red said...

Welcome home Tam. With the warm weather and longer days it's easy to imagine you are on holidays!

kelly said...

i say keep the holiday groove alive a little longer! sounds like you had a lovely time...things will soon get going again on the creative front and a wee break does us all the world of good sometimes...along with a nice g&t {oh it's been a while!} Xx