Thursday, 31 January 2008

Two School Girls

That's right there are two of them in this household now.

Kate's first day of school was an intense mixture of highs and lows. She thinks so deeply for a five year old and is enclined to do a little bit of worrying (hmm, where could she get that from). Last night we were concerned about going into grade three because it is going to be so hard.

Despite this she managed to keep it together this morning. At pick up time she came out laughing and smiling and she ran all the way home, only to then tell us tonight that it has been a bad bad day. In tears (again) she enquired is it true that you start of in the little grades and then have to change schools when you get into the big grades...because she doesn't want to change schools.

One day at a time, little bird.

Now that my two girls are back at school I intend to make this a serious crafting blog. No more blogging about lunches, two dummies in the mouth and pretty tables. No folks. We are going to hit hard core crafting. I am excited.

Monday, 28 January 2008

Its called a Snack Plate

In our house the question of "What would you like for lunch?" is often followed with the answer "A Snack Plate".

The Snack Plate is a tradition my mum started when I was little. I can remember the anticipation of waiting to see what yummy (and healthy) treats she would put on my plate.

Nutrition is pretty important to me and I really try to strive to feed my children VERY well. I try to include lots of whole foods in their diet. My discernment for buying packaged foods is that they contain ingredients I have in my cupboard. For example, I am happy to buy Kettle chips because they contain potato, sunflower oil and salt - easy, I know and have all of those ingredients. I don't buy other chips often as they contain undisclosed oils and preservatives and chemicals. Of course, I don't always achieve this perfectly, but it is what I strive for.

As a result, my children really do love healthy food. They also love the occasional McDonalds and party food treat. And I don't mind because the rest of their diet is good.

Snack Plates always contain; cheese or dip, some crackers or dry biscuits, fruit, nuts and dried fruit.

Here was today's compilation.

Hommus, cucumber, carrot, almonds and dried fruit, roasted chickpeas, nectarines and wholemeal crackers. The plate, it was carefully brought home from a backpacking trip through the Middle East (many years ago).

Of course Eddie had his own little bowl. He's not too good at the rules of food sharing yet.

It's been a lovely slow day. The last day of holidays before Ella starts back at school tomorrow and Kate's first day of school the day after.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008


I re-did My Wall the other day. All neutral and white. This scene is so serene as I open the front door.

The runner is from our holiday to France. I love the embroidery and hardanger detail.

Everyone who know me, knows how much I love shells. I love the mirror too, this one usually belongs here and there is also one here.

Of course you didn't really think I could totally live without colour, did you? On the other side of the wall is this.

And thank you for the anniversary messages. My husband wasn't too impressed to see his photo on my blog - he is a bit more private than me.

Cause one ain't enough

Eddie loves to go to bed with a dummy in the mouth and one in each hand. Today he discovered he can fit two in his mouth!

And I have always thought this lying down whilst drawing or reading was such a big kid thing. Obviously not. You can do it whilst still young enough to suck a dummy and wear a growsuit.

12 Years

January seems to be the month to marry and we were also young. Last night we celebrated 12 years. Ella and Kate made me try on my wedding dress and veil again - I think I love it as much now as I did then. The whole wedding was 1940's styling; the dress, the flowers, the black Buick. It was the best day of our life.

Many anniversaries ago my man gave me six of these linen placemats and these two plates. The plates are over 70 years old and the card said "I hope we are together as long as these two have been"

It's nice to be surprised by such romance. I set the table last night with both the placemats and the plates. 12 years seems like a lifetime on one hand and on the other it's gone so quick.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008


My justification was to take photos for my website.

But really, I had other motives.

Almost enough to make me want to join 30 days of everyday. But that would be over-committing at a time of the year that I just want to enjoy the other things going on. Not promising I won't make a few contributions though.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Making with Mikes

I popped in to Meet Me at Mikes several months ago with Marianne when she was in town. We both bought one of Pip's gorgeous fabric packs. Two of the fabrics captured my imagination immediately. I was a little unsure what to do with some of the others.

Can't you just picture this in a gorgeous sundress for my favourite seven year old?

And this pretty voile made up perfectly into a little shirred top for Kitty. Erin's tutorial was most helpful.

Then this swatch started to make its way into my thoughts as a handbag.

A gift for one of my best friends. On it's own it seemed a little overpowering, but it was freshened up by some Joel Dewberry from my stash. Yes, I was starting to get excited!

I felt positively chuffed when my own design started to come together with the just right proportions but by the time I added my favourite vintage buttons I was positively in love.

With pockets and a ribbon trim inside, this bag had turned out way too cute. Boy, was it going to be hard to part with this one.

But I did. I gave it to it's new owner on one condition - she had to really love it...and so now I just admire it over her shoulder.


There is nothing like a change in routine to get you inspired for new projects, new resolves. I always come back from a holiday brimming with ideas and feelings of a fresh start.

We are enjoying this time of year. School holidays...a slower pace...more time together....enjoying playtimes without feeling rushed.

I love a new slate. My challenge is to fill it slowly.