Thursday, 31 January 2008

Two School Girls

That's right there are two of them in this household now.

Kate's first day of school was an intense mixture of highs and lows. She thinks so deeply for a five year old and is enclined to do a little bit of worrying (hmm, where could she get that from). Last night we were concerned about going into grade three because it is going to be so hard.

Despite this she managed to keep it together this morning. At pick up time she came out laughing and smiling and she ran all the way home, only to then tell us tonight that it has been a bad bad day. In tears (again) she enquired is it true that you start of in the little grades and then have to change schools when you get into the big grades...because she doesn't want to change schools.

One day at a time, little bird.

Now that my two girls are back at school I intend to make this a serious crafting blog. No more blogging about lunches, two dummies in the mouth and pretty tables. No folks. We are going to hit hard core crafting. I am excited.


mariannealice said...

such a beautiful 'sisters' uniforms make them look so grown up!Personally I loved the two dummies post ( coming from a household where three dummies are the standard bedtime fare! At least we are down to one strictly at bedtime!)

ButterflyKisses said...

Kate's worries are so cute. What a thinker she must be! Congratulations on nurturing 2 kids to school age. I hope you enjoy watching them thrive - as they will. I look forward to seeing what crafty goodness you come up with...but I have to admit I love your musings on life, pretty tables, dummies and all.

Cathy said...

they grow up so quickly don't they.

Looking forward to see what you can come up with craftwise.

Corrie said...

ohhh you're lucky! firstly they look so adorable in their uniforms and think of the time you'll get to yourself and crafting....oh so jealous!

now with twins on the way I'm trying to negotiate some weekend time with hubby now to get into some good habits so I can still sew!

oh and my lovely cupcakes fabrics are in store now!


dizzyjadey said...

The lunch snack plate was a great idea for you to share, the pretty tables were too lovely to just keep to yourself and the photo of your boy with the two dummies is just too cute. But I'm still looking forward to your crafting. :-)

Jodie said...

Looking forward to the crafting but we love snack plates and dummy posts too you know.

Louise said...

Such gorgeous girls! Lucinda sounds like Kate -she was worried about flushing the toilet when she gets to grade one! I suggested we worry about that next year. I wish them both a very happy year. Can't wait to see all the crafty productions!

ingrid said...

Oh no! I love the pretty tables and cute kids.

YoMJ said...

The blogs about your life make the blogs about crafting so much more interesting. Keep it up.