Monday, 28 January 2008

Its called a Snack Plate

In our house the question of "What would you like for lunch?" is often followed with the answer "A Snack Plate".

The Snack Plate is a tradition my mum started when I was little. I can remember the anticipation of waiting to see what yummy (and healthy) treats she would put on my plate.

Nutrition is pretty important to me and I really try to strive to feed my children VERY well. I try to include lots of whole foods in their diet. My discernment for buying packaged foods is that they contain ingredients I have in my cupboard. For example, I am happy to buy Kettle chips because they contain potato, sunflower oil and salt - easy, I know and have all of those ingredients. I don't buy other chips often as they contain undisclosed oils and preservatives and chemicals. Of course, I don't always achieve this perfectly, but it is what I strive for.

As a result, my children really do love healthy food. They also love the occasional McDonalds and party food treat. And I don't mind because the rest of their diet is good.

Snack Plates always contain; cheese or dip, some crackers or dry biscuits, fruit, nuts and dried fruit.

Here was today's compilation.

Hommus, cucumber, carrot, almonds and dried fruit, roasted chickpeas, nectarines and wholemeal crackers. The plate, it was carefully brought home from a backpacking trip through the Middle East (many years ago).

Of course Eddie had his own little bowl. He's not too good at the rules of food sharing yet.

It's been a lovely slow day. The last day of holidays before Ella starts back at school tomorrow and Kate's first day of school the day after.


Jelly Wares said...

What a great idea for the kids!!! I don't buy many foods with added crap in them either, I even like to make my own bread products too. Did you make the hommus?? I bet the kids just love it all and what a great way of getting them to try loads of different fresh fruit and veg. I know my little girl will eat anything if she can dip it in something!!


Jo said...

I love the idea of the snack plate. I am going to give it a go, it's much more excting than a boring old sandwich every day. I hope school starts off well for your girls.

Louise said...

Yum! This is exactly the sort of food my kids love. They also love lots of raw veggies for dinner which I am happy to provide!

ingrid said...

We do snack plates too! But we do the individual versions as it seems my kids arent too big on sharing food with each other. And the littlest guy is double dipper and replaces sucked on crackers as well.

Sarah C said...

snack plates are the best - I have been making snake plates for my relctant sandwich eaters.
I often send a snack lunch box to school but have tyo remind my 8ys old it is her lunch - after I have been told I did not pack her any lunch (sandwich)