Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Cause one ain't enough

Eddie loves to go to bed with a dummy in the mouth and one in each hand. Today he discovered he can fit two in his mouth!

And I have always thought this lying down whilst drawing or reading was such a big kid thing. Obviously not. You can do it whilst still young enough to suck a dummy and wear a growsuit.


Jo said...

Luca sleeps with a dummy in his mouth and one in each hand as well! It's the blue happy baby dummy also. Although he bites them and breaks them ALL the time, and then cant suck on them. I pretty much by a pack of three every week.

Happy Anniversary! Gorgeous wedding photo.

ingrid said...

Love that bottom shot. What a cutie.

Corrie said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just adore babies in growsuits and that piccie is so cute!

I love the hairclips I received and thanks for the pink one! Keira was so excited to open the parcel and know they were for her! Just what I needed


leslie said...

heart-meltingly cute : )

tiel said...

my friends son loves his dummy and it was getting to be a little bit of an issue. So she tied it to his bed head on a very short ribbon. She sometimes catches him in his room during the day having a suck. he spends 5 minutes there then up he gets for more play time.

your kids are very cute!