Monday, 11 February 2008

The Written Word

I have a bad habit, that my mother will let me say I inherited from her. That habbit is that I can write a letter, but I cannot post it. Many a letter have I written, only to have it lay around the house, waiting for an envelope, an address, a stamp and or finally to be placed in the post box. Tragic I know!

I do intend to change the error of my ways. To do this I have filed this simple box with my address book, some stamps and a lovely growing collection of cards and stationary.

Included in the box are some beautiful small people that Marianne kindly sent me (the others live on my inspiration board). They are just waiting for a sweet note and to be posted.

I wrote one such sweet note this week. A thank you to my brother and sister-in-law for taking us out to dinner. This card was so appropriate for my brother because he too hates peas.

(We had a big fancy party a couple of years back at our home and I had to serve pea soup with vodka shots...just for him!)

The letter is now stamped, sealed and addressed, just waiting to be placed in the red box.

On your way letter, on your way.


Violet & Rose said...

Do I spy a Clarke's shoe box? Do you know how many of those I have re-used? Such a pretty colour. And sturdy. You've got to love a sturdy shoe box.

Bronwyn said...

Well, I spy an Amy Butler print in the background - is is fabric or paper? If paper, where from, can I ask?

Tamara said...

Yes girls it is a Clarks shoe box,I did say simple.
And yes it is Amy Butler in the background. Bron, it's fabric covering a noticeboard.

I love all the colours I have going on here. I have files to match!

Louise said...

What a completely brilliant idea. I just need to get some decent cards/notelets.

Cosy said...

I like your letter writing station: a v. good idea, I must say.

I'm a bit trag in the letter writing department. I'm a big fan of a postcard (like art cards from galleries). You get a nice picture and the words can be succinct.

Jodie said...

Oh I am just as bad with parcels, I wrap and pop it all in and get the address on and just can't haul myself into the post office.

ingrid said...

This is a great idea! I too, have been known to let a letter sit unposted until it gets dusty, so I need all the help I can get to make sure they go on their way.
And I have to agree about Mariannes cards. They are the sweetest!

Anonymous said...

Oh well, at least you can write them!!! I would have to be the opposite and have no trouble going to the post office but writing a letter by hand????? I have lost the abilty I think!! Pathetic but true. You know things are getting bad when you get a cramp in your hand every time you write more than 50 words!!! Good on you for getting organised!! =)