Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Well, the sewing has stopped. Except for a baby quilt, for a friend whose generosity and helpfullness has amazed me, I have just about come to a standstill.

I thought two chilrden off to school was meant to be easier! Physically it is...emotionally, is a different story. I feel a wreck.

Anyways we will go on and we did have a wonderful weekend, just our little family. It started with the idea of a drive off to the Yarra Valley and a visit to one of our favourite cafes that another blogger has talked about. On the way, we stopped to look at some planes (remember how much this little one loves planes). He was beside himself and so we decided to treat the children to a joy flight.

What a treat. Followed by a great lunch and wine.

Then a walk up the Warburton Trail.

Fun times.

Loving my new camera.

Sunday was spent working very hard around the home and yard. All the odd jobs that make you feel so good when you have finished them.

Ready for another week!


Louise said...

Lovely quilt! How nice to spend a day out together, we seem to always be here working on the house. Now that Daph's getting a bit older we can hopefully do a bit more.

Jodie said...

Gorgeous photos - love that last one!

tams said...

Love your blog! I will be checking in regularly because my name is Tamara!
yay! there's another!

Jasmine said...

What a nice blog, I have saved it under "Favourites" and will come back when I have leisure time to read your other postings...
I love your day out as a family, those are the most precious times..
regards from Ireland


Oh the quilt is lovey, and that last photo is superb!