Tuesday, 13 March 2007


Blue and brown. These are my boy's colours. Oh how I love these two colours together.

It all began almost one year ago with his birth announcement, then followed this beautiful little knitted jumpsuit by Jack and Janie, sent by my best friend who lives overseas.

Before he was born I spotted the Johnny and Buck collection from Moda and knew if we had a boy - I would have to have it. Still a WIP - do you think I will have finished quilting it by the time he is in a bed? Too bad it's a cot quilt. I know there are countless others who have done the same.

Now, almost a year later we are about to celebrate his first birthday. The invites are in keeping with the announcements sent out at his birth. The party will hopefully be a blue and brown theme. The brown is easily taken care of with chocolate but there is a limit to the amount of food you can colour blue. Stay tuned for more pics of the day.


Violet & Rose said...

Beautiful invites Tamara. Looking forward to seeing more!

miss marzie said...

your quilt looks gorgeous - so do the invites