Thursday, 9 August 2007


Thank you for all of the lovely comments about my new website, and for the orders. They are all off and on their way. I especially enjoyed making an order for Ingrid. It was a custom order made to match this gorgeous little skirt for her Lottie. The custom orders are always the most fun, for sure.

I have a special little promotion which I tried to include on another post but it didn't quite seem to work. Fingers crossed this time. It is a little something extra when you order four or more pairs of ribbons.

I am still having a few problems with the paypal buttons on the site, thanks for your patience. Feel free to email me if it causes any concern.


Belinda said...

So exciting to see you have your website up and running. I'll pop over this weekend and have a look!

Belinda said...

The website looks great, just placed an order!!

little women said...

congratulations on your new babe! It looks so professional and so you!! You deserve all the success you can get! AWell done :)

ingrid said...

A big congratulations Tamara! Everything looks beautiful and so professional. I can't wait to receive my first order. I think I could become very addicted to Ella and Kate as we love our bows in this house.
Well done!

Meg said...

I found your site from Annie's Flower Garden. I chose it because I loved what you named your blog. Now I can't wait to see your wares. Your photos are beautiful. Regards, Meg