Friday, 17 August 2007


The quilts are all finished and have been hanging in our kinder for a week. It has been nice to hear all the oohing and aaahing over them by parents at the kinder.

The trivia night is tomorrow and "A splash of red" is the theme. I am in charge of the decorations for our table. We are looking forward to it and it is sure to be a wonderful night.

The two four year old quilts were both the same design. The children drew pictures of their families and then we assembled them in a brick style. I love the colours of these ones. I love the childrens drawings.

Whilst I was taking these photos this afternoon, look what my gorgeous girls gave me. Such beuatiful colours, I love green and white arrangements. When they put together such beautiful works, I really wonder what they will be when they grow up. Ella particularly amazes me with her eye for design. As a mother it is very exciting to see.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Louise said...

Tamara, these are so amazing I am sure they will make lots of money for the kinder. So much nicer than a canvas. Our kinder trivia night wasn't well supported given there are over 100 familes at the kinder. We had about 150 people and raised over $8,000 which was OK. My cushions got $36 which I think was a bit of a bargain - still they went to a really good home! Have fun!

h&b said...

I know those adorable little bell-flowers - what are they again ?

A type of jonquil ?
Do they smell ?

Glorious arrangement - good luck at the trivia night !

belleandboo said...

That quilt is stunning, what a lovely thing to have made.
Mandy :)

tiel said...

Just gorgeous. It works so well with all the different drawings and styles. Love it, hope the night was good.

Bron said...

Hi Tamara - I have not forgotten your PIF pressie (any ideas for me?) I sure your kinder quilts made squillions for your kinder - I know from experience that there is always pressure to do 'better than the year before' money-raising wise, but I believe that any extra is an absolute bonus and be proud of any effort made, big or small! Did you get any goodies from Magnolia Square? Let's do a show and tell!