Sunday, 19 August 2007


The trivia night was a great success, our best yet, and the quilts were auctioned for prices that exceeded my expectations.

Today is the most gorgeous-almost-spring day. As I write this post our large bi-fold doors are spread open. I can hear the birds from the surrounding trees and sounds of children playing from the two schools nearby. I wish you could smell how sweet the air is.

Moments like these make me feel very privileged to live the life I have been given. Three healthy, happy children a great man and a simple, easy life. Today is one of those days for catching up from a wonderfully busy weekend, and just sitting still. I am getting better at sitting still. The inspiration I find from fellow bloggers, as well as the wisdom from loved ones around me, helps this process.

Around our house we have three beautiful deciduous trees. I really do love these trees. The first is a liquid amber in our front yard. The other two, a dessert ash and golden ash, frame our north-facing back deck. Although planted decades ago, they couldn't have been planted in any more perfect position for our current house. In summer they provide lovely shade and in winter their nakedness allows the sunshine to flood in. In past the deck, to our family room.

The buds are just starting to form. I do love Melbourne for it's seasons. I could never live anywhere again that didn't experience all four seasons. I believe that they add such a rhythm to life and a beautiful way to mark time.

Here is my view as I work away.


evashouse said...

Hi Tamara! It's a pleasure to read your words, you describe so well your feelings! Another lovely corner of your house. How's running your website?

Annie said...

Congratulations on your wonderful quilts. I love trees too, and have just moved to a place where all the gardens are new. I miss my trees. I have planted many in my new garden and just imagine them big. I love watching the seasons and am enjoying the evenings getting longer after work. I actually went out and did some digging when I got home last night.

Jenny said...

Wow those quilts are wonderful! I know what you mean about the seasons and the trees they are special.

h&b said...

Hasn't it been *glorious* ??!!!

These days always make me so happy.