Wednesday, 29 August 2007


I have been in discussion with Kidspot this week about some advertising. Whilst their offer sounded interesting, I decided that I would leave any promotion until after the New Year. We leave in less than two weeks, for two months. After that, I will be very busy keeping up stock to my regular retailers and website customers in the pre-Christmas rush.

I have someone wonderful managing my website during that time, but I certailnly do not want to overload her.

Regardless of not going ahead at this stage, they did decide to feature me in their daily newletter with this picture (one of my favourites) and a great write up. It goes up to 13,000 readers!

Besides all the wonderful comments from my friends and customers on blogland this is the first form of editorial I have had. It feels exciting.

Now for that awkward time of sitting tight to see what happens; will I get just an order or two or will I be making bows till 3:00am for the next week?


Cosy said...

Congratulations on the great publicity. I hope you get lots of orders (but don't have to work till 3am!).

dizzyjadey said...

Well done! And that's a lovely enticing photo, too. You'll definitely get lots of orders.