Friday, 14 March 2008


I am loving all of the silhouettes that are around at the moment, even though they are popping up almost everywhere.

I did these silhouettes of the children last year but gave the first set away to my mum, who loved them.

I finally got around to doing another set for our hallway. It took me a while to work out what frame but I think this big black style looks best. They are hanging My Wall at the moment and I will move them at a later stage. It is amazing how much they really look like each of the children, probably not so much to you, but to me they are so individual and realistic. They make me smile everytime I walk past them.

I also loved the silhouettes on this little top that I bought for Kitty. So sweet and innocent.

I went to Stitches and Craft today and met good a stack of bloggers. More about that next time.

Have a great weekend.


fiona said...

sooo cool to meet you today!it really got quite after you left, a very long day!!you were absolutly the hightlight!

Violet & Rose said...

They look EXACTLY like your children! Good to see you today too.

A Spoon Full Of Sugar said...

The profiles look so effective and the black frames really complements them. Lucky you going to the Stitches and Craft Show. We are getting the Quilting and Craft fair in Perth until May! Lisa

Annie said...

I was SO SORRY that I didn't get to meet you at stitches and I was most probably right there in front of you. We were all so excited to be meeting up and the interviews going on etc. ...another time I hope. I just read Ric Rac's blog and your comment. Again I say "so sorry"

h&b said...

How bizarre - I posted about Silhouette portraits on exactly the same day !??!?

I haven't hung mine yet - similar problem - I have a frame in mind and am yet to make/find it ...