Wednesday, 12 March 2008

A Little Bit of Special

Been out all morning.
Get home.
Open the door.
Put a sleepy baby in bed for his afternoon nap.
Put the kettle on.
Unpack the car, check the mail.
Mail for me, a handwritten envelope. Mmmm mmm
Stamped applehead. Oh lovely.
Inside, make a pot of tea, sit down and....
enjoy a little bit of special.

It was so lovely to receive Marianne's limited edition little book. Such style she has. I love her collages and now the drawings in this book are just as sweet. The size of it added to the sweetness and made it even more special.

Thanks Marianne, you have made my day.

Also, a very big thank you to all the lovely people who have left comments on my last post. You have been making my day all week long. And I really must say, I was amazed. If a few folders is what it takes to draw out that many lurkers, I will have to do a few more give-aways. It is lovely to 'meet' some more of the people who read my blog. A couple more days and I will announce the winners.

Off to Stitches and Craft tommorrow.
Hoping to meet up with some friends.
Better go clean the house if that's the plan.
Enjoy your day.


Jodie said...

oh Flower garden and I are going tomorrow as well. keep an eye out for us - we will be pulling the red and white polka dotted shopping trolley - kinda hard to miss really!

Cathy said...

don't forget to come by and say hi - we will be in the garden!!

Louise said...

Yay finally some people we know are coming to visit!! Can't wait to meet you Tamara! Isn't the Applehead book just lovely - lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tamara, its Leigh from the old mothers group! Rach told me about your blog and its fantastic, you are so clever and driven! Good for you. Just saw that you were going to the stitches and craft show, check out my mother in law whose business is "Craftee Cottage". She goes each year. Hope youre well xx

Corrie said...

hi there

so nice to meet you today! I was just telling one of the other girls up there in the living creatively section about your lovely hair clips...keira didn't wear hers to the show since we temporarily lost one in myers yestserday and I nearly had a heart attack searching for it on the ground!!!!
hope you enjoyed your day


gkgirl said...

aren't the little books adorable!?!