Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Turning a Blind Eye

After re-reading a post like the one I wrote yesterday, with those photos of my house looking so lovely, I could find even myself believing it is all so perfect...until I look around the corner into to our playroom/study.

So how can I have some areas of the house so lovely (most of the time) and leave some to look like a bomb (most of the time). I guess it is my blind eye. There are some parts of my house that for my own peace of mind I have to keep tidy and clutter free (the entrance hall and the TV cabinet, for example). It is a direct correlation to those areas and my brain...and I like a clutter free brain.

Some parts of the house, my laundry and playroom, I can just ignore. Which is kind of good for my sanity becuase in a house of three kids you cannot have it all tidy, all of the time. So as long as a I have a little bit of lovliness to cast my eyes on (and photograph for my blog!) I can manage to keep pretending that the rest is all so perfect. I guess that is the balance that makes most of us tick.

So,for a dose of totally untouched reality. Just to make you smile.



kelly said...

you are is all about balance. thank you for reminding me it's ok to have messy corners too...and yours look like they hold a lot of creative fun!

mamas collection said...

Oh I think it's all wonderful....The comfortable messy and the lovely blog photo ops!
Hope you have a grand tea time!

Julia said...

I love that you did this. In some twisted way it makes us all feel better that perfection is an illusion for all of us. Mess just goes with some territories. Craft rooms/studies seem to be one! It is for me too... x

13mimosa said...

Oh yeah, I love the mess! I adore seeing your organisation, all your lovely things and WISH I had the same flair. I also love seeing the girls mess though, particularly their crafting area. I don't need to see that YOU'RE messy per se, but I do love that it's not just me who struggles with it!

two little buttons said...

i love it, thats exactly what my study looks like, i wish it didnt but i have to shut the door and ignore it. thanks for sharing