Monday, 30 November 2009


I spent a good portion of yesterday morning moving things around my home, re-decorating you might say, in a minor way. I haven't taken the time to do this in such a long while. But, I have motivation you see, becuase on Friday I am having a little morning tea for my girlfriends. And I want everything to be just right.

I started by moving the blue plates off the entrance wall. They now sit on a wall beside the kitchen.

I then re-arranged things above the TV cabinet. IMG_7873 IMG_7881

And then the entry. IMG_7893 I plan on filling a vase with some bright pink lilies and the Amy Butler fabric ties the pink, green and brown in perfectly.

Whenever I am arranging my special pieces around the home I am always inspired by the beautiful tablescapes that Anna shares on her blog; Absolutely Beautiful Things and her recently launched website; Black and Spiro. The way she mixes colours up is so amazingly and of course her love of blue and white china is a passion I share.

Speaking of china, I have been getting all of mine ready. I am so looking forward to this morning tea and will do a little show and tell with more details on the day. IMG_7889


Corrie said...

gorgeous! your house is just gorgeous! I'd come over to morning tea if I lived closer!!!!!


Melinda said...

Sigh. How do you manage to have such a beautiful home with 3 kids at large? Those poor birds would be plucked out of their sweet nest in seconds if they were at our house (and that's my 5 year old!).

I wish I was coming to your teaparty! Enjoy it.

Julia said...

Wow you really do know how to put on a tea party. I imagine it's going to be gorgeous visually and delicious too! You have so many pretty things and display them beautifully. x