Monday, 30 March 2009

Picture Perfect

Last weekend I had a photoshoot for the winter range of my website. This week I have been busy updating it with new designs and lots of new colours.

As my girls are getting older I needed to include a new little four year old. Charlotte's mum helps me out with production of the ribbons and her little four year old is the most beautiful child.

I love taking photos but lack in the technical skills. I am can relate to Sarah Jane's comments about hoping for happy accidents.

I love this shot of Kate and Charlotte.

Black is so beautiful against her white hair and fair skin.

Isn't she just gorgeous!
Single Girls Hair Ribbons


Janine said...

You've taken such beautiful photo's. Especially love the last one.

Kristine said...

Yes, you're right. She is exquisite.

Cathy said...

they are all beautiful girls! Remember, a budding talented photographer lives here if you need some help - he would love to help you out!

Louise said...

They are both adorable as are the ribbons!!

Karen said...

Oh gorgeous girls, and ribbons!
I want to get one of my 3yo's hair cut in a 'bob' like that; her response; "No mum, no hair cut, not ever".
Could be tricky...

ingrid said...

Beautiful girls, beautiful bows and a beauiful new banner!

Bronwyn said...

Hey Tamara - will definitely give you a bell when we are getting together again - we went to One Last Cafe in Surrey Road - is that near you?

~ Kim ~ said...

Gorgeous girls. Love the last pic. That one is really worth framing.