Wednesday, 18 April 2007


Well, my last post included no photos. This post I have a few pictures to offer. I have really enjoyed the challenge of using what I have. Not so much to give my purse strings a rest but, more so to make me rummage through my overstocked craft cupboard and rediscover some old favourites.

It has been a busy week. Tomorrow Cathy and I are having a bit of a "showing" of our wares, over coffee and cake with about 16 girls. A little bit stressful getting all of our stock together but hopefully worth the effort and hopefully a success.

So, this week I have been making:
- stock

- this little blanket for baby Evie. This is a very simple design; just gorgeous fabrics bound and quilted. It measures about 1m x 1m. I made the one below for Edward and found it so useful. It was perfect for a capsule/pram, a great play mat(one side was always the floor side, the other the baby side), large enough to swaddle a little babe, and because it had a bit of body with the quilting it would provide a little privacy whilst feeding. Overall very,very useful.


- an apron. More details about this in a post to come


justine said...

love both the blankets :)

little women said...

What a sweet quilt for Baby Evie, beautiful fabric.