Wednesday, 2 May 2007


Last week I saw a post by Megan from the scent of water about how much she loves a cup oftea. This got me thinking, I really should introduce you to a very important item in my teapot.

My teapot is almost a member of our family, it comes everywhere with me. It has been to hospital when I have had my children, it comes on weekends away, it has even flown to Queensland ever year for our holidays there. I have decided though, that when our family travels overseas later this year, I might just have to leave it at will I cope.

Why do I love this teapot?
1. It is the perfect size for just one but can also brew enough for a couple of friends.
2. It has a built in strainer that you place your tea into and, it has never made a bad cup of tea yet
3. It has such a beautiful round shape
4. It has made about 4000 cups of tea
5. Because I love tea

So, here 'tis. With my favourite cup and saucer (nice and big but lovely fine china in my favourite colour, of course) and some homebaked apple and cinnamon muffins, fresh this morning.

And I am sitting down to read my bloglines. Hope you have been posting.


little women said...

Just the perfect way to start the day - always from a pot! Earl grey or Lady grey - either brew is fine by me.

Megan said...

Mmmm, tea...

I have quite a thing about teapots. I haven't found the exact right one yet, but I'm still looking.

mariannealice said...

that is one well travelled teapot! And I could do with one of those muffins right about now...

miss marzie said...

Great mind think alike - I had a lovely cup of tea from my spode cup and saucer and I must say I have a thing for teapots.

Toni said...

Me too! A tea lover through and through. I also have my own little pot w/strainer.