Thursday, 12 April 2007


This is the first red thing I saw this morning.

Oh that hair

Every four year old needs a Burberry dress don't they? Courtesy of my very generous brother.

You know you're addicted to blogging when the first conversation of the morning goes something like this:
Kids - "what colour is it today mum"
Mama - (still asleep) "huh"
Kids - "you're not taking more photos are you?"
Papa - "bit sick of mum's blogging hey kids?"

Seems like the family hasn't quite enjoyed colour week as much as I have. I have loved it. Thanks Julie.


ingrid said...

Oh My! Gorgeous dress and gorgeous children. Thanks for your red pics, they have brightened my day.

mariannealice said...

I have to agree with Ingrid - gorgeous children in a gorgeous colour and a gorgeous dress to boot! And I just love that gappy smile....

Tamara said...

Thanks girls.