Sunday, 27 May 2007


Yep, my very last baby is up on his feet, sniff sniff. I've always thought once a baby starts walking they aren't a baby anymore. Well I am not ready. I still want a baby. I have so enjoyed this gorgeous boy. My husband tells me I am just besotted. And I am. It is a feeling other girlfriends share when they have their final third or forth child. That last child fills a special place in your heart. Don't think I don't adore my girls also. I love sharing their lives as they grow up. I love to watch them contributing to conversations, having their own opinions and developing their own thoughts. I am grateful to them for what they have taught me as a mother and I think Edward will benefit from that experience. I know now that it won't be too long before he is their age also. But just for now, I want to be able to wrap him in my arms and sing him our favourite lullaby. Not too much to ask is it? You know by the third you have to cherish every moment.

Speaking of cherishing moments. My mum is out from England for the next couple of weeks. My Granma is staying with us too and we are having a wonderful time. Consequently, there wont be too much blogging going on, but I will leave you with a snap of the goodies my mum brought over with her;
mags from the U.K. and U.S., gorgeous co-ordinated wrappings, a very old and very beautiful Wedgwood plate (I can never have too much blue and white china) and a new glue gun. Yes, my mum knows what makes me tick.

Oh, and thanks for the lovely comments about my wall and I hope everyone enjoys that slice as much as I do.


Cathy said...

hi tam, I was wondering where you had been.
My little 6 year old is still my baby, and he loves it. I am sure he plays on it alot and he has me twisted around his little finger. But who cares he is my baby. I just love snuggling up with him to read him his bedtime story and lots of cuddles all the time. He will always be my baby.

The other night when we were having a d & m in bed, he said to me that at school he still needs me for a cuddle when he is having a bad time.

How cute. That just made my day.

Say hi to your mum for me - great mags and just love the china dish. Beautiful shape.

little women said...

Clever Eddy! He deserves all your love and devotion! I am also loving watching my gals {and yours} grow up and making sense of this world that we all share. I hope that I can impart on them the knowledge that people and the world is good and it deserves our belief. Enjoy your mum!

Cosy said...

Gorgeous boy! Regarding MSL, no, you can never have too much Martha! Yes, definitely I'd love to swap the 'double-up' with you. Drop me an email at and we can arrange it. (I was going to suggest a swap in my post but didn't think I'd get a response from anyone. Silly me!)

mariannealice said...

I think that there is a conspiracy out there in craft blog land - all of these photos and posts that make me feel so clucky!Your baby looks so sweet toddling and your post made me look at my two girls and wonder where my babies had gone to....time for number three maybe? Or not!???