Thursday, 21 June 2007


A few weeks ago Comfy & Cosy mentioned that she had a double-up of a Martha Stewart magazine. I also have a double-up of a MSL issue and so I offered to do a swap. Well, Carolyn is a little more organised that myself and sent my package last week. Not only was I lucky enough to receive a great issue of MSL with a whole section on cleaning and organising...yum.

but I also got some lovely fabric, (in my favourite colour) and some of the most beautiful old buttons.

I love them. Thanks Carolyn.

Finally I have managed to do a post on her scrumptious package and finally I have sent hers off.

(I have inherited a family trait of being very bad at sending mail. Something I will have to overcome if I am wanting to run my website business successfully. Yes, my website is on it's way...just going the scenic route.)

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