Sunday, 1 July 2007


As I have mentioned previously, my parents live in England, near Cambridge to be exact. They moved from Australia last year. I am not too good at remembering exactly what time it is over there. I was alright at first, but then England stopped daylight savings, we started and I haven't been able to remember ever since.

To solve this little dilemma we now have two clocks in our kitchen. The big clock keeping our time and the little one keeping their time. I love it because I think of them all the more often now.

Speaking of time, this weekend marked the beginning of our winter holidays. We began by celebrating Ella's seventh birthday. Just a few of her best friends for a little sleepover, a game of bowling, a bit of chocolate cake, nail painting and general girly goodness. She had a ball. I am a little weary but was glad to see her so happy. We are looking forward to a lazy two weeks with social catch-ups, kiddie craft and best of all, sleepy mornings.


h&b said...

How funny !

I just photographed and talked about clocks on my blog too ;)

Yours are lovely. Nice styling.

little women said...

Who IS that cute little gal in the top right photo?? Isn't she just a doll.....O.K. I am little biased! Thanks Tam, a lovely memory for my little girls first sleep over party. You are a gem of a friend.