Tuesday, 13 November 2007


Although Autumn is my favourite season, spring comes close behind.

When we arrived home it was almost midnight and not much of the garden could be seen. But, early the next morning, still suffering from jet lag, I arose at five. It was so very blissfull watching the sun rise over the garden, sipping my tea whilst everyone else was slumbering.

We go away every year in September or October and exploring the garden on our return is one of my favourite joys. This time, the foxgloves were out, as well as the bearded irises and roses, including my favourite Paul Cezanne.

As you can imagine, I quickly filled the vases with blooms from my garden.

Roses and parsley gone-to-seed.

Roses, hippiastrums and lillies. The lillies were a welcome home present from my man.

I love all the vases on the table like this, the flowers all different styles and forms but the same colour. What a beautiful sight to open the door to, it almost feels like a florist.


Megan said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, flowers. I love the parsley with the roses!!

Cathy said...

Tam, those flowers are divine - will they still be alive by Saturday?

Welcome home.

h&b said...

Exactly why I love to grow flowers with scent and colour - vases, vases everywhere !

Funny about your parsley display. I have a vase right now with roses and stalks of mint ! :)

Bronwyn said...

Thanks Tamara for your colour expertise - I have a clear small pattern orange, so your suggestion has tipped me over the edge of decision! I think I am surprising myself as I start to understand clear versus muted in the spectrum. I bought a fabric online but when in hand, way too muted! All wrong!
When I first spied the vase of roses, Queen Anne's Lace came instantly to mind, then you mention parsley! They Must be very close cousins! Such a pretty garden plant; you must plant some.