Sunday, 18 November 2007

Youre Invited

To a special little dinner on a balmy spring night. We will be eating outside, by candlelight, a bit of cool jazz playing in the background.

The Menu
Roast Vegetable Salad
Beetroot and Orange Salad
Slow cooked carrots in cumin and spices
Lamb fillets marinated in Moroccan seasonings
Kofta meatballs
Couscous served with mint, garlic and peas
Tiered Meringue Cake with summer berries


Close friends, one of whom you know.

It was our first proper weekend home and we decided to have a bit of a dinner party(sounds so 70's doesn't it?) I can tell you, the menu wasn't 70's at all. The food was delicious. I am allowed to say that because I only cooked half of it. Our guests are wonderful cooks. Cathy or course brought the meringue and assembled this delight.

Half the fun of a dinner party is setting the table and if the weather allows we always eat outside.

The weather was magical What a magical night.


evashouse said...

Lovely welldressed table, ummm and delicious meal! A pity I am so far away...
Thanks for your lovely comment, yes it's all about love, having four children at home will be "amazing" and we are so happy with that idea. Thanks from my heart!:)

Jodie said...

It looks gorgeous - My taste buds are going crazy!!!

Louise said...

Yum that all looks delicious!!! Wasn't it perfect outdoor eating weather!

Cathy said...

Of course it was a great night - the guests sound like they were just the best!!

fiona said...

thanks for the invite, glad its dinnertime here cause i'm hungry!!