Thursday, 13 December 2007

Simple But Nice

Cupcakes, minature jellies, fairy bread and home-made lemonade for the 30 children and yummy almond and apple slice for the mums. Perfect.

Kate was so excited at the end of the day when we counted the money. Everyone's generousity truly amazed us. It has taught her what a little bit of sacrifice on her behalf can mean for others. She has had fun tonight working out how she will 'spend' the money. I think she feels quite empowered. Thank you Rose and Marianne for such a lovely idea.


Jo said...

Looks like a fun morning. What a great idea, having a party before kinder. I love your little cake set up.

Oh and I'm glad you enjoyed the trout salad. Isn't it just the easiest thing to make!

L&H&Q said...

I read your blog semi-regularly, and always enjoy it. I'm not sure how I found you, but I love to see someone with my own interests Living the Life over there in Oz. Although we live in Utah, my husband is from Sydney and all his family still live there. This park reminded me of Lake Elizabeth in the Southern Highlands where we had a little picnic in August. Good memories.

Thanks for being lovely!