Monday, 5 May 2008


Oh, poor blog. Poor, forgotten blog.

One month since I have last posted. Simply unbelievable really. It seems I took an unannounced blogging break. And what do I have to say for myself?

Well, we have been busy, but hey we're always busy? Aren't we all? I guess it started when I was feeling a little under the weather and had a few too many commitments to honour and then I just sort of lost touch. The longer I left it, the harder it was to make a post.

But, I am back. I don't have an awful lot to show. (I haven't even been taking many photos. Now that is saying something!) But I do have a few projects up my sleeve, and a few things to share. I just had to make the first move and get back on track.

Here is your one solitary picture. It is the last of my summer vegetable garden harvest. I took this photo a few weeks ago.

This year is the first time we have planted potatoes. Boy, are they delicious! If you have a deep, neglected part of your garden, I recommend them. When I dug up/picked/collected this beautiful lot of produce I really had such deep satisfaction. I mean, anyone can grow lettuce and tomatoes, but potatoes and eggs...that's real self sufficiency.

Back soon, I promise.


fiona said...

welcome back my dear, missed ya! great vegi shot i want to get into growing my own eggs too!yummo!!

Bec said...

Oooh, there is simply nothing better than freshly picked, home grown produce (I can still remember that sweet earthy smell of Grandad's carrots as he pulled them out of the ground). I finally have a piece of garden mapped out for veggies...but have yet to go dig it. At least we are coming into Qld winter here, so better veggie-growing weather. I really should get to it. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Wisdom.Courage.Love said...

Love self sufficiency, so need to make some lifestyle changes so i can start gardening here!! Welcome back...

Bronwyn said...

Nice to see you back! Look forward to seeing your furry projects.