Saturday, 17 January 2009

Sew Sweet

My mum came out from England at the end of last year and spent December with us. If was so lovely to have her with us again. She brought these gorgeous books for the girls. How delightfull!

I have seen these books around on blogs, but when they actually arrived they were so much nicer and larger than I had thought. I was also thinking that they might be a little too young for my girls, especially Ella. Actually they were perfect for their ages; eight and six.

Here is a little preview of Look and Cook

Strawberry Shortcake - a favourite in our house (we call it Strawberry Shortkate)

And See and Sew

There is also another one in the series called Sow and Grow but it is written month by month and is for the Northern Hemisphere. They are all by Tina Davis and would make a lovely gift for any little craftsters you know!

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Handmade in Israel said...

A friend bought me 'Look and Cook' and, i agree, it's fabulous. I have cooked with the kids but it's even better to just sit and drool over. I've actually met the author - she lives over here!