Sunday, 22 March 2009

Looking Lovely and Feeling Organised.

Remember the post about my laundry? Well I have admitted defeat, it is no longer a laundry. Rather, it is a workroom where I also wash the clothes . Growing stock, growing production levels and growing mess for my Ella and Kate business have meant any effort of sorting and ironing clothes in that room are pointless. I have had to have a rethink about how I worked the space and have made a few changes.

A trip to Ikea, (after a full day of planning with the catalogue) a few minutes with a drill and my handy husband have resulted in this lovely workspace. Everything at hand, right where I need it.

Still space for all of my lovely handmade gifts.

And, check out how deliciously neat this cupboard looks! Gotta love Ikea for organisation.

Top that off with the fact that my winter range has been finalised and is almost ready for both my website and retailers and boy it feels good!


the 6 o'clock stitch said...

What a beautiful space. Ikea is wonderful, isn't it?

Christie said...

I love your laundry so much, such great light. Looks super organised now (I have those hanging things from ikea in my sewing room)but it looked pretty good before too!

My husband wants to put a coffee machine in our laundry, i kid you not!!

Cluck and Tweet said...

Oh, I am so jealous! Your space looks fantastic.

Karen said...

Those baskets are just what I need to organise all those toys with small pieces - blocksand sets with people and farm animals!
Great idea to pre-shop with the catalogue.

Pink Lady Bug said...

What a nice bright laundry. Now that it is organised as you like it, it must be a very pleasant place to work in.

The Style PA said...

I love your ideas. IKEA is fab for this type of thing. Organising rocks!

Anonymous said...
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