Friday, 29 May 2009

Modern Baby Quilt

Even though there are four children in my family there are only three grandchildren, my three. In August that will change when my brother has his first baby. We are all very excited about the new arrival.

As soon as my brother told me about their baby I started thinking about the quilt. All quilters must do the same. Afterall, baby quilts are one of the most rewarding types of quilts to make.

My brother and his wife live in a warehouse apartment in the city and have quite a modern style. I wanted the quilt to suit that style.

I bought most of the fabrics at Amitie's big sale and I must say it was hard to think amoungst all the chaos. A few weeks later I went back and bought more fabric, in a calmer environment where I could talk it through with those gorgeous girls there.

The design is very basic to keep the quilt looking simple and modern. I quilted it with stitch-in-a-ditch which I don't normally use as I am not accurate enough. Then I hand quilted the linen blocks. I was really happy with how that combination turned out as it was so much quicker to make than if I had of hand quilted the whole thing (a lesson I learnt from last time).

The other thing which I was very happy about this quilt was the basting spray I used. This was the first time I used the 505 Spray and Fix and it was so much better to work with that other sprays. It really held in place and it has washed out easily.

Here is it all wrapped up. I think quilts are such beautiful gifts that I prefer to give them wrapped in just a ribbon rather than paper.


I can't wait to wrap the new little bundle up in the quilt and hold him tight. I do love newborns!


Dan said...

You have made a quilt that fits into our home some well. You are right, we are do have a difficult sense of style to make things for but you nailed it. We too are looking forward to wrapping Yves up in it.
On a side note, Charm loves the giraffes on it too, since Yves came about just after our trip to Africa :)

~ Kim ~ said...

It's so beautiful. Thanks for the tip. Now I want to make a baby quilt of my own!

Mistea said...

Hi there, I just came for the first time and have enjoyed looking around. You have done a great job on the quilt and that jacket is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

13mimosa said...

It looks fantastic. Basting spray, I'm going to have to check that out before I make my next quilt. Have you ever made a quilt with a Chenille back T? Something I am thinking of for Leila's quilt and she's so big into textured, fluffy things. Just wonder how the quilting would go through it?

Catherine said...

Hi my name is Catherine and I have been checking out your blog for a little while and I just wanted to say that your quilt is just beautiful, the colours and the layout are just perfect.

Bronwyn said...

Tamara - that is just so lovely - looks like your brother is very happy too which makes the experience all the better! The lions and the robots - too cute! Where did you get your spray from? I needed some desperately recently and hardly anyone had it!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the fabrics you have used - a mos styish baby quilt!

ingrid said...

I love those little lions.

Alan said...

My sister, once again, you have set the highest bar for anyone to reach. I know Yves and his family will love it.

Polka Dot Daze said...

Oh my goodness - gorgeous! I just found your blog and I'm loving it!