Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A Beautiful Life

One of the most beautiful parts of my life right now is this new life.

So very very precious. The most amazing of all miracles is the birth of a new baby. When it's your nephew it is especially sweet.

We are all besotted. He is talked about every day, we wish we could live next door so we can see him every hour. It is so lovely to see my children, the older cousins, enamoured by this new life.

I know these photos aren't great but they do capture the absolute adoration they feel.

Kate held him like this for about an hour. Little mama.


beth said...

oh he is lovely! I can't wait to see him....

Eva's House said...

Congratulations Tamara! I'm sure he will be very happy with your kids! I am always happy to come to you and to read posts like the last one. I am sure we don't have perfects lives, but we try to do everything perfect, as a mother, worker, daughter, wife... I do feel out ot control lots of times, but I feel blessed having my family. I do understand you, and I really appreciate your sincerity, do not feel alone, I think that we are in the same kind of life. I am still on vacation, trying to "relax", but still still doing the meals, washing, ironing... have a happy day Tamara, and thanks for being you ! With love, Eva.

Corrie said...

adorable, man I love new babies! that is why I'm not done yet having my own and I must learn when to stop but they are just too cute!!!!

your little mummies look very happy in their new role of cousin!


kelly said...

ooo he is scrumptious! no wonder you're all such happy people...and the girls look full of love for him. so sweet! Xx

Sharyn Sowell said...

I just happened across your blog & think it's very, very sweet. I'll be checking in often! Loved your post about not having to have a perfect life. Mine's definitely not, but I would not trade places with anyone. As an artist working from a studio in the garden my favorite place is home and I can tell you feel the same. Thanks for a lovely blog! Sharyn (I blog at www.sharynsowellartblog.blogspot.com if you wonder who is this woman leaving the comment!)