Monday, 17 August 2009

Kids in the Kitchen

A little while ago I posted about my children's increasing interest in cooking. I am now starting to take the time to teach Ella and Kate how to cook more independently so that they can make whole recipes, completely on their own. It is an initial investment of time but I am hoping their increased independence will pay back in the long run. Hey, soon they can start cooking the dinner.

One thing that makes cooking a little tricky for kids is the cutting up part. I recently found this knife which is perfect. It is sharp enough for them to cut apples, beans and almost anything except carrrots (and hopefully not fingers). It is designed for cutting iceberg lettuces without bruising them and I bought it from General Trader.

It is has made a great birthday present for Ella's friends when teamed up with a kids cookbook.


Corrie said...

must get one of those knifes! true story...keira wanted a little knife to cut up her bread and I gave her one, turned away to get something for the babies and she walks out of the kitchen with a chefs knife.....I take a deep breath and quickly take it out of her hands and tell her no!!! must move the knives to a higher place as I forgot she has grown and can now reach that drawer!!!!!


Little Munchkins said...

My son loves to help me cut up veges but his dinner knife just isn't sharp enough. I will have to go to General Trader to get this one for him!