Saturday, 8 August 2009

A Little Ray of Sunshine

Nothing like jonquils and lemons to brighten up your day.


The lemons were collected from the lovely tree of my neighbour. They are so good to have in abundance. Squeezed in a glass of water for a bit of zing in the morning, squeezed in a gin and tonic with ice at night (or just the tonic and ice, if I am trying to be good), stuffing a roast chook, lemon cake, lemon delicious (which I have developed a dairy free version of for my little man), and just for looking gorgeous in the basket beside my window.


The jug, well that was my most special memento from our holiday in France two years ago. It it part of a beautiful range of china from Gien and at the time seemed like a splurge. I don't regret a cent and admire it almost everyday.


Janine said...

Such bright, cheery colours. I love this time of year, bulbs starting to bloom and the cherry blossoms promising warmer spring months.

kelly said...

such a lovely happy colour! i love the flavour of lemons and use them in abundance too...just wish our neighbour had a tree too!! Xx

Emily said...

Your photographs are so delightful! I love how you capture the happiness of the moment. Bravo!