Sunday, 23 August 2009

My Fishermen

Our dinner tonight.


My boys went off fishing today. In response to Edward's interest in fishing. This place was sure not to dissapoint, a trout farm.

Cooked on the BBQ with fennel (an ingredient we are loving at the moment), lemon, Maldon salt and thyme.

Which brings me to two request I have had this week by friends who read my blog; some more recipes. For me, this is an easy request to satisfy and makes for easy posting, as I love sharing the food we cook. I hope that the rest of you don't get too bored!
P.S. Apologies again to the vegetarians


monica said...

wow what a catch!

Your brother. said...

Copied you last night and did an onion, lemon and thyme fish. Didn't look anywhere near as awesome. :(