Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Who Needs a Lawn Mower?

We could call him Edward Scissorhands.




Before my girls went to school they used to drive me wild with their crafting mess. For always was the playroom floor covered in tiny bits of paper from the cutting and pasting. I kind of hoped when we had a boy that his mess would be different. But, with his good fine motor skills, I guess it is no surprise that he loves the scissors almost as much as his sisters. I am happy to say that he takes his cutting outside, most of the time.



Geramium Red said...

Boy version of crafty, very cute and delightful.

little women said...

Hey tam, love the look of your lush green grass almost as much as your beautiful boy!! Lawn in Ballarat is but a memory already.
What a good helper boy little Eddie is. :)

Meg said...

Great photos! Aren't boys just the best! So good at finding ways to entertain themselves with potentially dangerous implements.

(I am really enjoying your blog. I followed your comment here from the tea towel giveaway on Myrtle and Eunice. Dry humour to dry the dishes with - very clever.)