Thursday, 28 January 2010


There seems to be an awful lot written about the importance of play these days. Implying, it is a forgotten skill. A skill that has been replaced by tightly run parenting schedules and a multitude of screen entertainment. For us, play is something that my chicks have always been good at, especially the self-guided type.

The weather this summer, has been the most beautiful I can remember since moving to Melbourne and has provided lots of time for outdoor play. Seeing all three of them playing together in our backyard, using their imagination, makes this mama bird very happy.

I am always torn, during the school year, to provide them with opportunities of extra-curricular classes and lessons, whilst balancing the opportunity to play. Especially because they do the free play so well.


This morning, I woke up to see Ella and Kate painting each other's faces on the back deck. Later, Eddie and I did this jigsaw together.


I love to capture these scenes, they make my heart swell.


Sarah said...

Our family seems very similar to yours. Our girls play happily most of the time and play their own games. No TV during the day and not many activities after school. I think it makes them happier and probably more interesting as well.

Looks like you have done a fabulous job with them!

13mimosa said...

I agree, there's a huge focus on "activities". We do swimming, but I don't consider that so much an activity as a necessity. Ella would do anything and everything offered to her, but honestly I agree I don't think they NEED to. Life is busy and they're only with us at home for such a short period of time really, when they're really WITH us. I know some days we all get impatient with each other and the home, but 99% of the time, home is the best place to be.

SewHum said...

It's hard to get one of my kids away from the dreaded box. But all my kids get at least on game for Christmas. They also get some sort of art/craft activity. So this helps keeping them busy. I also don't get my kids to do many afterschool activities.

objectsofwhimsy said...

Let them play it provides better coping skills and nurtures creativity independance and free thinking qualities my 20 something daughter is now in demand for. Employers love her she has a choices in her path of employment.

Kids need to be bored its good for them because they seek through self initiation and free thinking activities to counter it. I dont need to point out how important those skills are. The constant provision for kids these days so they never experience boredom or inactivity is not an ideal we should be aiming for.

objectsofwhimsy said...

PS forgot to add seeing pictures of children fee playing gladdens my heart and gives hope for the future. Lovely to see your kids entertaining themselves.