Tuesday, 6 March 2007


Anyone who knows me, knows that since I was a girl with my first pocket money, I have always been a bargain hunter. I guess there is probably a nicer name for such a talent but that's it for me. I have been know to drive right across town just to save a dollar or two. Now that I have three kids and a couple of small business to run I am having to be a little more efficient with my time. Of course visiting the local op-shops as I walk home from kinder or do the groceries isn't being to wastefull.

Lately I have been having great streak of luck and I thought I would share for you a few of my finds.
Trip 1. A handsome jacket for my little boy, a board game for my girls (not shown) and these for me; new and vintage threads, black peasant top and lace doiley for embellishing shirts - all for $7.00

Trip 2. All of this for $5.20. The buttons and felt were being thrown out at the local bargain store and the old grosgrain and velvet ribbons(perfect for the hair accesories that I sell), bias binding(can never have enough) and crochet yarn(for flowers)were from the local op-shop. My favourite thing about this day's finds was how the colours all just seemed to belong together. Like they were just waiting in these two shops for me to come along and bundle them up with each other.

Trip 3. This one wasn't actually a trip as such but rather a squiz through the doors as we were coming home from kinder. I had been looking for this very Fisher Price toy on ebay that weekend. Someone is happy.


Violet & Rose said...

I need to shop at your op-shops. I went into one down at Heathmont yesterday and it just smelt!

miss marzie said...

I went to a couple the other day - nothing at all - just lots of rubbish. At least they did not smell. Your are a little tinny!